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Who We Are

What is the “AAP EC”?

The Alberta Advantage Party executive committee is responsible for building organization and support to help elect an AAP MLA into the legislature.  This involves developing AAP policy ideas with members, local Constituency Associations, and sharing them with the public; organizing fundraising events; and recruiting new members.  We cherish your input and suggestions, as we believe that all Albertans have valuable insight and experience that can help to improve government and our party.  As a grassroots party, we believe that ideas should come from average people with big ideas.  We make sure that if you wish to be heard, you are given the chance to be heard.

Why Choose Us?

These average Albertans come from all walks of life. They are like minded people who care about the future of this province and want to get involved in the process of making it better.  They volunteer their time to represent you to the party and ultimately the government.  The Alberta Advantage Party believes that government and citizen must work together to create a strong Alberta as equals. Rather than disappearing right after the election, wouldn’t you like to have a government that works as hard as you do, for you? If this sounds exciting to you and you want to get involved, contact us and come to one of our meetings.  We are always looking for people who want to help make Alberta better.

Our leadership is not as concerned with power for the sake of power, or merely winning elections.

  • We believe that authority must be earned through service, big ideas, and responsibility.
  • We believe laying the foundations for the Alberta of tomorrow with positive policies that benefit all Albertans.
  • We believe that building up compassionate, self-reliant citizens is the best way to help improve the lives of struggling Albertans.
  • We will not punish your successes in business as past governments have, but celebrate them.
  • We believe that all members have the right to vote on policies, and even introduce new ones.
  • We believe in the continuous improvement of the way we do things in Alberta, and the eternal challenge of achieving a more perfect system of government tomorrow than what we have today.

Please consider joining us today, or volunteering to help build a brighter tomorrow. With you, we can make Alberta shine again!