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Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Democracy
David Inscho

David Inscho

Founder & President

Good Day Alberta Advantage Party Members.
My name is David Inscho I am a founding member of The Alberta Advantage Party and formerly a long-time member of the Wildrose Party.

Events over the past couple of years and more so the past ten months have been very volatile in Alberta’s political landscape with various factions both provincially and federally actively working to destroy the idea of ordinary every day Albertan’s right to a direct say in how this province is ran. The way in which this was accomplished is quite simple – a slow and gradual infiltration of people into the Wildrose Party that believed in a top down leadership style. This caused a paralysis throughout the Wildrose Party, which in turn caused stagnation throughout all levels of the Party and consequently no forward movement nor development of the Party. No matter how hard people worked progress could not be achieved.

The re-establishment of the top down type of party that the old PC Party was, is now back in full force, although it is known by a new name the – UCP (United Conservative Party) or as I believe to be more accurate the UPC (the United Progressive Conservative party of Alberta) – old party, new sheep’s cloak.

“The re-establishment of the top down type of party that the old PC Party was, is now back in full force, although it is known by a new name the – UCP “

These things that have occurred with the stated goal of ridding this province of the scourge called the NDP really shows the true reason for the take over and merging of the two parties – that being power and only power for power’s sake.

The Alberta Advantage Party believes in the right of the people (the members) to have a true say at all times as to how their party is to be ran – not from the top down but from the bottom up as was the original intention of the Wildrose Party. To achieve this we have made significant improvements to our Constitution that hopefully will prevent the type of transgression that occurred to the Wildrose from happening to The Alberta Advantage Party. This bottom up philosophy is the life-blood of a true democracy.

People have the inherit right to be able to fire their elected officials at any time with just cause in the same way that we as employees would be removed by our employer if we did not do our jobs. This idea that once elected up to five years of immunity has somehow been bestowed on those employees of ours is wrong and goes against the very base principle of a true democratic society.

I strongly believe that the responsibility of government is to foster a climate of optimism with clear rules and regulations that all stake holders are clear on. This creates a level playing field in which free enterprise can flourish creating good quality jobs for the people and a society that will flourish.

The Alberta Advantage Party has been established to foster a true bottom up free enterprise, fiscally responsible government for the people of the Province of Alberta. I can honestly say that I am very proud to have had the opportunity to lend my name to such a worthy endeavour.