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December 6, 2018
For Immediate Release
Alberta Advantage Party Leader, Marilyn Burns states that Jason Kenney is spouting empty and silly rhetoric with his announcement that oil companies should sue environmental groups like Greenpeace for defamation when they say Alberta’s oil is unethical or dirty.  Burns is a civil litigator and knows the legal process.
“Alberta’s oil is owned by the people of Alberta, not oil companies, so if a legal action should commence, as Kenney purports, the proper Plaintiff is the Government of Alberta, not private oil companies”.
“Where would such a lawsuit be filed?  In the country or state where the derogatory statement is made?  In Alberta?  In the state or country where the offending Party (Defendant) has its head office?  Much money could be wasted just arguing where such a lawsuit should be filed.”
Burns explains that for a defamation action to succeed, the party being sued (the Defendant) must prove that the statement is true.  She asks, “By what standard is Alberta’s oil as a substance ethical or dirty?  This is likely an impossible question for a Court to decide.”
The last question a Court must answer is whether such a statement actually caused the Plaintiff to lose money, which is called damages.  Burns points out that “Alberta cannot get its oil to tidewater because successive federal and provincial governments, including the Harper/Kenney CPC government, failed to get a pipeline built from Alberta to tidewater.  Kenney is pulling a bait and switch with Albertans to trick them into thinking he is tough because he knows he has failed Alberta in the past and he has no solutions to offer for the future.”