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Participate in Democracy
Eugene Eklund

Eugene Eklund

Provincial Director

“When you don’t participate in democracy, you are allowing other people control your life.”

When one who is honestly mistaken learns the truth, they either stop being mistaken or stop being honest.

As you can see from my picture, I have been around for a while. In fact, in my first election, I voted for a member of Peter Lougheed’s first Alberta PC gov’t.

A lot of things have changed since then. I have grown and matured, had ups and downs, but kept surging ahead, just like Alberta has. I am a proud Albertan and Canadian, even though the last few decades have made it more difficult to remain so.

I have watched as opportunity after opportunity has been squandered away by successive provincial and federal governments. I saw that change was needed and I tried to help make that change for the better happen. However, the old parties somehow thwarted every opportunity to move forward.

I am an early participant in the new Alberta Advantage Party, as I was in its earliest precursor, the Alberta Alliance Party. We showed that the PC stronghold on Alberta, with their broken promises, inept financial management, and huge propaganda machine, could be broken. Later, the WildRose party pushed that envelope much further.

In the last election, Albertans didn’t vote the NDP in so much as we voted the incompetent, divine-right-to-rule conservatives out. Many Albertans, myself included, were surprised at the strong showing of the WildRose Party. Even though I supported the WR, I had thought that the combination of Jim Prentice leading the PC’s and the Danielle Smith betraying the WR grassroots, had devastated the WR and that the WR didn’t have much of a chance. However, Albertans were adamant that we wanted something better. The result was that the WR formed the Official Opposition and the PC’s were nearly wiped off the map.

“I believe that Albertans still want and deserve something better.”
I believe that Albertans still want and deserve something better. The only true grassroots party in Alberta that can offer that opportunity for Albertans is the Alberta Advantage Party.

In collecting signatures from Albertans, to give us permission to form an official party, I was most pleasantly amazed at the support from Alberta’s grassroots. Albertans aren’t happy with the NDP and we don’t trust Jason Kenny. Both represent the old parties that have held back Alberta and Albertans. They have helped limit our Alberta advantage. We are here to bring it back.

With your help, we can make this happen, together. When you don’t participate in democracy, you are letting people of lesser ability control your life. If you believe that you want and deserve better for yourselves, your families, and your province, join us and be part of a better future! This is your Alberta!