A commitment to Albertans


The people of Alberta know what equalization payments are. We know that the taxes we pay are sent to Ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization transfers.

If elected to government, the AAP will not sign an agreement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.

The AAP will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s tax slaves.

The AAP will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s debt slaves.

Integrity in government

The AAP believes that you should have the right to recall your elected officials.

We so strongly believe in this, that we have written it into our own party’s constitution. Even our leader can be recalled by our party’s members.


We will put an end to the separation of our elderly couples in their final years.

We will make a commitment to research, specifically immunology.

The AAP will make a commitment to care for the needs of our people who suffer from mental illness by providing appropriate housing, medical care and research.


Albertans want greater autonomy from Ottawa.

The AAP will demand Alberta’s right to select our own immigrants, in the same way, that Quebec already does.

The AAP would halt the process of sending Alberta’s portion of income tax to Ottawa. The AAP would set up an Alberta Revenue Service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.


If elected, the AAP will revise the Alberta education curriculum so that our students will receive the highest levels of academic and practical skills that are offered on the planet.

We will eliminate the mandatory gay-straight alliance clubs in Alberta schools, and eliminate the NDP directive that parents must not be told of their child’s sexual behaviour.

We will uphold and support the ability of parents to have their child educated in the manner they think best for their child, through a public, Catholic, private, chart or homeschool program. We will not amalgamate the Catholic and public school systems.


An Alberta Advantage Party government will enable our core agriculture sectors to produce food with the least amount of regulatory burdens.

We will promote self-reliance in food production, to include the development of urban community gardens, and encourage new and innovative investment in Alberta’s food production.

We will change the producer group check off at the point of sale from mandatory to voluntary. This will allow farmers to choose where their checkoff dollars go without having to apply for cost recovery.

Farmers will be allowed to choose between private medical and disability insurance or WCB coverage for their employees.

Alberta and not Ottawa should regulate and administer the quota systems in Alberta. We will work to incorporate a fair quota system that allows young people to enter farming and, also protects existing quota owners.


Rural crime is at pandemic levels.

The AAP, if elected would train and elevate sheriffs to the standard of police forces such as Edmonton and Calgary Police Services.

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  • Vote for the Board of Directors of his or her Constituency Association;
  • Attend and participate in any Society and Party General Meeting upon payment of the prescribed fee.

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