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December 4, 2018
For Immediate Release
Marilyn Burns, the Leader of the Alberta Advantage Party states that she has reviewed the opinions of the Leaders of Alberta’s other political parties and believes they have all missed the boat.  She states, “I am very uneasy about Rachel Notley’s decision to curtail Alberta oil production.  With this decision, there is the potential that Alberta will lose market share which it won’t get back.”  Burns notes that oil production already self-regulates and with only one customer, being the United States, if that market flow is disrupted, Alberta stands to lose its market.  
Burns is also sceptical of Notley’s decision to spend Alberta taxpayer’s money on paying for rail cars that should be the responsibility of private companies.  She notes that there is an existing backlog of grain shipment and doubts that rail capacity can increase the movement of oil to tidewater to any significant extent.  
She notes that once Alberta owned rail cars leave Alberta, the Province would lose jurisdiction of the oil by rail transportation.  Further, no one has discussed the effect of this curtailment on Alberta’s co-generation electrical supply. 
Burns states that “Rachel Notley is acting out of desperation.  She has failed miserably in her social licence approach and is facing an election.  Her government is a proven antagonist of Alberta’s oil industry so her rhetoric is shallow.  The NDP have destroyed swaths of Alberta’s economy and ruined the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Albertans.  She cannot negotiate a deal that is good for Alberta.”
“Jason Kenney was part of the Harper CPC government that was unable to build a single pipeline to tidewater in a decade of governance in Ottawa.  We cannot expect Kenney to provide Alberta with solutions that will work for Alberta.”
Burns states, “Alberta needs a new Chief Negotiator as Premier who can work with First Nations people, confront globalist opponents, neutralize Provincial governments that would prefer to buy foreign oil, and face off against Prime Ministers and federal governments who want to bring Alberta to its knees.”